This beautiful hillside is just 32/35 kilometers away from the capital city Kathmandu along with beautiful panoramic Himalayas. In the ancient age Nepalese Royals used to escape from the city to there on the summer time to relax. Nepal’s first shah king Prithivi Narayan Shah started his battle towards Kathmandu valley was from Nagarkot so this is one of the place which carries historic values too. This place is windy throughout the year so always cooler than Kathmandu city. Nagarkot is resident place of different kind of cultural citizens within walking area. If you enjoy walking will be able to go for nature walk, jungle walk, walking around the villages where you could enjoy buying locally carved wood products.

From Distance Time
Kathmandu Int’l Airport 28 Km 45 Min
Kathmandu City 32 Km 1 Hr
Patan City 34 Km 1 Hr
Bhaktapur City 20 Km 30 Min

Temperature in Nagarkot
Spring (March-May): 8⁰ C to 23⁰ C
Summer (June-August): 15⁰ C to 23⁰ C
Autumn (September-November): 7⁰ C to 22⁰ C
Winter (December-February): 3⁰ C to 13⁰ C